The tears to see who

Numerous living beings, who have not shed tears, but because everyone's different.

A person from the "Gua Gua" landing, with tears tell the birth of a little life, that is to give people the joy of tears dear. Slowly start babbling, shook her toddler, a careful not to fall "hum......" The tears, is to own strength, climb up again. Gradually entering primary school middle school, grade rod to the parents teachers happy tears; the poor to parents and teachers repentant tears. Wait until the university age, ability was admitted to the ideal school keep one's head above water, step by step into their own dream of working circle, then the outflow of tears for all these years efforts and support their parents; no ability to earn money to support themselves into society, a repeated every day tedious work numb the mind, then the hard sweat and sad tears into together, indistinct...... In fact, the tears can not solve the problem, it is important not to complain about the status quo, and should use their own advantages, play to their potential, to do the best he was full of the joy of victory tears to be worth the aftertaste.

Each person has their own road, walk in the path of their own, life is meaningful. Life only through sour, sweet, bitter, hot salty sad sad it is full of life, when we gradually experienced many setbacks, pain, strike, time of peace of mind, the tears become to swallow

To when you become old memories of life process, open the old photo, a man quietly taste, with the thought of the scene now happy tears, sometimes sad and blue....... When life has done, bid farewell to his family and friends with sad tears.

To put it bluntly, comprehend, tears are streaming from A to Z for myself. The first cry is to remind people of their own into the world, falling growth is to encourage myself to insist on their own learning, strong in life is pain, old age is told the people aftertaste; easily tears cannot obtain others sympathy but was teased, only in the side quietly to vent their tears, laugh at people laugh, cry cry in the man.

So now to enjoy life, to cherish their own, the weak Ren Sixu control behavior, strong actions to control emotion. Cry laugh? Do the weak or strong? Your own choice, tear, smile to life.


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